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Presentation Training


But we can change that!


Learn how to present for the boardroom – not the bored room. 

This training workshop is dynamic, highly interactive, practical, and even fun! In these sessions we will equip trainees with a selection of valuable tools to make their presentations engaging, persuasive, and to deliver the impact that is required.


This workshop is easily customizable to best achieve your goals. Get in touch to find out what we can do for your team. (Individual coaching is also available.)

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking?

  • Captivate & command an audience from beginning to end?

  • Bring vitality, interest and clarity to your presentation?

  • Present detailed and technical information without putting your audience to sleep?

  • Inspire, compel, and persuade others with your ideas?

  • Know how to deal with tough questions?

  • Learn how to make a well organized and beautifully designed slide deck?

...if so, this workshop is for you!

Do you want to...
What's great about most presentations? 
About your trainer: Bree Harrison

Bree’s mission; change the world - one PowerPoint at a time! She dreams to one-day eradicate from the earth: monotone speaking, endless charts, the word “um”, and yawn inducing slides.

Bree is an award-winning Creative Consultant for Live Communication. Namely, Events. She has produced and held dozens of pitch presentations in all imaginable settings. And, after her experience planning and executing over 20 conference events, she felt a calling to serve the greater public good and committed herself to becoming a great speaker and then sharing that skill with the world. She offers dynamic and engaging Presentation Training Workshops to all levels of speakers. 

See speaking examples at YouTube. 

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