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Hybrid & Online Events

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...planning an online or hybrid event?

...worried that everyone is just as tired of Zoom meetings as you are?

...looking for ideas to keep your audience actively engaged?

...looking for help to transform your content from dense to dynamic?

...having trouble navigating all the online event tools?

...unsure of what a hybrid version of your event would even look like?

...not really sure where to start with any of the above?  

Bree is the perfect partner to help you create a unique hybrid/online conference brimming with dynamic content, games, interactives, networking, awards, and team building ideas. Additionally, Bree can provide content organization and design coaching, so all your speakers are guaranteed to exceed audience expectations. 


Big or small, I do it all!

Let’s have a call and see what we can do together!

Call Bree! (+49 (0) 176 363 121 00

...or send an email! bree (at)

Are you...

Online Conferences

Hybrid Conferences

Sponsorship Activations

Awards Ceremonies




Happy Hours

Hybrid Services

Event Concept Creation

Location Scouting & Production Support

Conference Content Copywriting

Powerpoint Templates

Speaker/Presentation Coaching

Moderator/MC Scriptwriting

Keynote Speechwriting

Networking Ideas

Customized Games Creation

Event App/Tools Integration

Project Management

...and more

Example Projects: Hybrid & Virtual

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Greater Gulf - Cycle Meeting 

Virtual Conference 

Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

Greater Gulf - Cycle Meeting 

Hybrid Conference 

Allianz Technology

CCS Sounding Board 2020

Virtual Conference 

Allianz Technology

CCS Sounding Board 2022

Virtual Conference

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