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About Bree.


Bree Harrison works as a Creative Director, Live Communications Consultant, Presentation Trainer, and Copywriter. She is formally trained as a Professional Chef and holds degrees in Culinary Arts and Physical Geography. But here are some other titles that she’s had: Artist, Ring-Girl at a boxing match, Chinese TV show actress, Conference Moderator, Producer, Singer, Reality Show Host, Project Manager, English Teacher, Corporate Trainer, Strategic Planner, and Director of Marketing and Business Development. 

Her non-linear life has given her a wide perspective and a diverse range of problem-solving skills. She is a generalist: someone with a variety of experience and expertise. She can connect dots where others don’t see a link. She brings unique insights and uninhibited creativity to all projects on which she works. She adapts quickly and can easily pivot if a project changes course. She has the flexibility to switch focus and guide her team with ease.  

She is hungry, curious, and never stops learning.
No one has ever described her as average, ordinary, or medium.  

No matter where she goes, Bree is committed to building a diverse community around creativity, technology, culture, and leadership. She believes that - like minds think alike, and diversity brings different minds (and different life experiences) to familiar problems — resulting in new material solutions.


Bree is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. She has worked internationally since 2007 in: China, Germany, UK, France, and Spain. 

Bree currently resides in Munich, Germany - with a one-eyed Bulgarian street cat named Odin.


She holds an associate degree in Culinary Arts, a B.Sc. cum laude in Physical Geography from Michigan State University. She has owned and managed her own Catering Company and Event Management Agency and is a founding member of two underground artist collectives; 280Studios and Dyce Productions.

English (native)  Chinese (advanced)   Spanish (intermediate)   German (B2)


Email - bree(@)

Tel - +49 (0) 17 6363 121 00

Bree's Favorite Things
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