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Creative Consulting

Bree Harrison is a creative consultant & project manager based in Munich, Germany and working worldwide on events, brand activations, strategic development and live communication.


Bree has been creating unforgettable experiences since 2012. She is an expert at designing powerful brand experiences that turn people into devoted brand fans. She is dedicated to creating emotional, extraordinary, human moments. With a background in hospitality, her focus is always on the guest journey. She consistently pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in storytelling and seeks ways to engage the audience each moment of the experience – so much so, that they are inspired to share the story.


Bree strategically incorporates technology to make every brand experience measurable, right down to the very last detail. 


She has worked for such brands as Mercedes-Benz, AMG, BMW, LVMH, Pernod-Ricard, Lenovo, Facebook, Google, Tasaki, & more 

See some selected works below...

Creative Concepts for: 
End-to-end creative concepts for experiential marketing




     - Live

     - Virtual

     - Hybrid


Trade Show Booths

Sponsorship activations

POS/Retail activation

Guerilla marketing

PR Stunts

Market analysis

Trend research

Ideation and transformation

Brand strategy

Experience strategy

Marketing strategy and planning

Engagement and activation strategy

Retail strategy

Communication strategy

Strategic Consulting for: 


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